Sanford Gerlach

Sanford Gerlach

Who creates content for Who promotes it on the web? It’s one person actually—our best specialist, Sanford Gerlach. As he says, writing top-quality guides on any topic is only half the battle. Though search engines are constantly improving, you also need to rank high to show it to web users.
Here is what Sanford Gerlach does for DominicanRepublicWomen:
Analyzes reports, data, statistics on the dating market trends
Creates questionnaires for Dominican women
Uses all the above-mentioned information to create interesting, comprehensive, and useful guides
Use the most effective SEO techniques and keywords in texts
Coordinates the work of other authors and checks the content
Find the most promising international dating platforms that have many female members from the Dominican Republic
Tests them for 2+ weeks as a Standard and Premium members
Writes reviews or detailed feedback for other authors
Carefully checks all the content published on the site
As a chief copywriter and manager, Sanford does a lot of work for us, and we totally appreciated that. Why is he interested in this topic? Here’s what he says.
It was in Dominicana twice, and both times I was more than just impressed with the beauty and amazing personality traits of local women. As an author, I can use both my skills in writing and SEO and my knowledge about this country to create the best content and think that’s a great opportunity for me as a specialist and a person who’d like to help others find love.

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